Monday, June 20, 2011

Tattoos Are My Heart

Although times have changed, the meaning and essence original dayak culture can not be replaced by other things.

Make a tattoo is a sacred ritual that has religious significance for the dayak people. Tattoos are for person identity dayak at that time. If there are people that are not in dayak tattoos, he has not considered and not the identity received in the dayak community.

That is the understanding of those dayak at that time. Whether the dayak people only stop until there akan tattoo meaning ..? I think not.

Let us return to the essence .. Origin of the beginning .. Essence has long been planted by the ancestors dayak people. Therefore Kaharingan. Shoot into the origin of life guide children dayak.

tattoo as a symbol of identity of so-so "lost" or adapt to the development of the age. However, the meaning of life sejatinya dayak people should not be lost or replaced by another.

Is the meaning of tattoos for your sincere? Let the meaning of that realized in daily life ..

But for me the meaning of tattoo are:

1. Brave and strong. Dare to do the right thing, the wrong thing to learn the truth. Do not despair. As a brave warrior in the battlefield.

2. Luhur courteous and ethical. Dare to recognize that right and wrong is right is wrong. Will not be doing as opposed to the conscience. Dignity in the act.

3. Wide level like hornbills fly freely across the cultural horizon and knowledge of the world.

4. Protect yourself from things that are not useful as it protects the owner of the tattoo interference evil spirits.

5. and many more ....

That is the meaning of my tattoo sejati ..

The meaning of tattoos by a grandmother who taught me moyangku for warisi.

That is the tattoo on the subconscious ditoreh .. tattoo like that will not dim to lewu liau and road work will be like a torch light is not only my life later, but also illuminate life at this time. When I work in the world.



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