Friday, November 4, 2011

New 7 Wonders of Nature Finalists Photos

Below are the photos of the new seven wonders of nature finalists.Regardless of who wins or not,  I believe they all deserve the acknowledgement of being outstanding finalists, since they are all icons in their own way, representing the best that people and civilizations have left behind for future generations to respect, honor and enjoy!

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Bu Tinah Island: United Arab Emirates
El Yunque: Puerto Rico
Milford Sound: New Zealand
Angel Falls: Venezuela
Bay of Fundy: Canada
Cliffs of Moher: Ireland
Masurian Lake District: Poland
Table Mountain: South Africa
Dead Sea: Israel, Jordan, Palestine
Galapagos: Ecuador
Black Forest: Germany
Great Barrier Reef: Australia, Papua New Guinea
Halong Bay: Viet Nam
Iguazu Falls: Argentina, Brazil
Jeita Grotto: Lebanon
Kilimanjaro: Tanzania
Komodo: Indonesia
Jeju Island: Korea (south)
Islands of the Maldives: Maldives
Mud Volcanoes: Azerbaijan
Grand Canyon: USA
Puerto Princesa Underground River-Palawan, Philippines
Sunderbans: Bangladesh and India
Matterhorn/Cervino: Italy, Switzerland
Uluru: Australia
Vesuvius: Italy
Yushan: Chinese Taipei


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