Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo Presentation of Buffy Coat Preparation and Whole Blood Fractions

Are you familiar with a buffy coat? How is it prepared or collected? Buffy coat is a leukocyte-enriched fraction of whole blood. Preparing a buffy- coat fraction from whole blood is simple and it is more ideal in PCR testing because it yields approximately 5-10 times more DNA than an equivalent volume of whole blood.

After blood extraction, prepare buffy coat by centrifuging whole blood for 10 min at room temperature. After centrifugation, three different fractions are distinguishable: the upper clear layer is plasma; the intermediate layer is buffy coat, containing concentrated leukocytes; and the bottom layer contains concentrated erythrocytes.

Below are some photo presentation on how buffy coat is prepared and the three fractions of whole blood after centrifugation.

Buffy Coat Preparation

Whole Blood Fractions After Centrifugation 


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