Saturday, December 10, 2011

Most Expensive Gold Edition of Red Mercedes McLaren SLR Photo

Yahoo news featured the Luxurious Element Palazzo before, an Austrian branded RV worth $3 million dollars and looking at the interior photos of the RV, I think the car deserves its price. Another expensive car designed by a Swiss car builder was featured today at Yahoo that's worth $11 million, the Mercedes McLaren  SLR customized with 900 rubies and painted with 11 pounds of gold mixed with 25 coats of red paint which give the sports car its majestic look.The wheels are coated with 14k gold and it has a GPS tracking device for security purposes.Take a look at the photos of the Red McLaren SLR below and be the one to judge if it fits your taste.
 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR Front View

 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR Back View

 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR

 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR Interior Look

 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR Test Drive

 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR

 Red Mercedes McLaren SLR Interior View


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