Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are art. I rather have to install a temporary tattoo-pair in the age of just how this age ..
but the problem professionalitas aja, dapet Enterprises Bonga chance event in a computer hardware Tunjungan Plaza III, which aims to promote a product that produces the film Shrek 3, merender animasinya fruit products in 1000 with the release of the brand so that as the vendor of this product get a license to cross marketing, film and marketing these products at once.

of course from that event, there are interesting promo to stand can get a temporary tattoo ....
a goal to motivate the visitor to go to a booth because of this promo .., especially tatonya also free ....., this romantisme a tattoo stick to the small gifts of candy tatoan Cup Chupa children ... and when I get .. .., Relax sweetheart is temporary and used bath akan already lost ...



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