Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Tattoo It’s Not a Crimes

A large number of criminals who have tattoos on her body to make the most of art lovers this is a body tattoo risih. Image of the incident by timbulkan make some people who have tattoos on his body to be a bad image in the eyes of society, although his family comes from the good things and did not have any criminal record.

The size of the tattoo is a symbol or picture be depicted on the body, in other words art merajah body. History be if the tattoo is derived from the ancient Egyptian state in the year 4000 BC, so the tattoo has been since 12,000 BC. There is also other evidence in the ice near the top of the mountain border between Austria and Italy in 1992 was found dead bodies of men aged 5000 years, and in the body there are 58 tattoo sketch form lines. This indicates that the tattoo has been there since long.

Language tattoo any different for us in the country known as Tattoos or tattoo, while in the UK call Tattoo, and many other in a different country. Initially the materials to make the Tattoo come from the shell charcoal, mixed with sugar cane water. Tools used are very traditional. Such as wood handles, needle and hammer from the trunk. Rural people still use manual techniques and traditional materials. Eskimo people, for example, using needles made from animal bones.

In the Shaolin temples using a heated copper gentong to print the image on the dragon skin tubih. Shaolin disciples who were deemed eligible to get a symbol that, by attaching a second arm them on the kind of printing images of the dragon on both sides of the copper heat gentong it. Far different from now. At this time, especially among the urban community, making do with the Tattoo engine electrically. This machine is found in the year 1891 in the UK. Then pewarnanya substance use synthetic ink (ink tattoo).



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